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Project Management

It's a professional management process which provides services and procedures be completed with desired quality, using targeted budget, in the foreseen timelapse beginning from the very first ideas until the phisycal delivery of the project. This includes the follow-up of the contractor and subcontractors, control, coordination and reporting of construction and site works in line with the construction method to be determined which will continue throughout the construction process. 4A Project Provides project management services in design and construction processes.

Architecture Concept

Determining the architectural and interior design concept in line with the preliminary concept reports and employer or brand demands, the field programs and function distribution schemes - especially in terms of hotel operation - makes the work most effective. Within the scope of FF&E and HOE lists established in line with the standards determined by the hotel business or the employer and design groups, the coordination of purchasing, ensuring the selection of the right and long-lasting products and monitoring the purchasing works according to the work program are among 4A Projects works.

Organization of Design Groups

Determining all the design teams (architectural, static, mechanical, electrical, landscape, fire, etc.) and preparing their contracts and ensuring that these teams work in harmony and in coordination in line with the design criteria are among the 4A projects' works.

Budget Organization

Design criteria and work program to create the project budget and follow up the data.

Organization of Design Groups with Brand & Employer

To ensure the data flow between the design groups and the selected or -to be selected- business brand and employer, to check the suitability of the projects according to the relevant criteria and to obtain approval from the employer and business brand for these prepared projects in line with these criteria.

Time Management

Monitoring and controlling all the processes of the project with the work program, ensuring possible delays and disruptions are determined in advance and reported to the investor, follow-up of the correct and timely production of the products by making the necessary updates, and completing the work in the budget and desired quality.

Hotel Consultancy

Within the scope of hotel consultancy, it offers professional solutions to the investor as alternatives in terms of development, design and implementation issues in hotel projects and provides all technical services to be provided from the decision stage of the hotel project to the day hotel openning.

Bidding and Purchasing Management

Within the scope of the tender management to be determined, preparation of bidding documents in the selection of the teams to be employed in the design and construction stages and the materials to be purchased are organized and managed in accordance with the work schedule.

Reporting Systems Organization

Preparing the reports to be created during the project period in daily - weekly - monthly periods and organizing the reporting system in the design and construction processes.

Budget Management

Monitoring and reporting of budget and cash flow statements in line with cost monitoring methods.

Test and Deployment

At the completion stage of the project, the necessary control and coordination is required to ensure that all systems run smoothly and delivered to the company / employer.

Contract Application Management

Preparing all the contracts and technical specifications between all companies and employers who will work in the project, arranging the contracts according to the special conditions agreed with each company and following up during the project.

Quality Control Management

The aim of the project is to ensure that the productions carried out during the project period are completed in accordance with the current design, technical specifications, determined standards and specifications and the quality control systems are prepared and followed up accordingly.

Occupational Safety Management

Occupational Safety Management is the preparation and follow-up of occupational safety plans and ensuring that the occupational safety standards are applied by all employees and contractors in all construction works.

Status Control Study

During the transformation phase of an ongoing project or an existing structure, the necessary technical personnel (architect, construction, mechanical, electrical engineer, etc.) are visited during the determined periods with the customer, determination of the current situation, technical assessment, determination of the useful life of the systems and analysis of the current situation. This control is to be reported to the customer.

Sustainable Project Management

The objectives and criteria of environmentally-friendly projects include differences in design and construction from standard projects. Determining appropriate project management systems and project management of sustainable buildings in design-construction processes.

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