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4A Projects; Project Management and Consultancy Services is an establishment which serves alternative professional solutions about design, application, management and actualizes projects as they planned such as hotels, hospitals, offices, residences, shopping malls, real estates.

4A Project Hotel Consultancy and Project Management serves knowledge, experience, dynamics, entrepreneurial spirit, perfection principle, discipline with its' experienced professional staff under one roof.

"4A Project team, which consists of more than 40 International Hotel projects, management staff and technical staff who have taken part in various real estate projects, shopping malls, residences, offices, hospitals and so on, with its technical capacity and experience, from the project development stage to the final point of the project, continues to work with innovative and solution-oriented strategies. 4A Project, in the projects which requires investment decisions, serves also about national or international brand integration, the creation of concept projects, organization and coordination of design teams within the scope of construction management construction, tender, contract implementation, procurement, budget, time, quality control management, sustainable project management services. 4A Project is combining its' knowledge and academic experience with international working discipline, with principle to offer rational, innovative and solution-oriented alternatives in accordance with the needs of investors and other sector players. 4A Project, which aims to provide sustainable and economic solutions in the developing world by adopting nature and human as the focal point while searching for the permanent one, handles each project with its own characteristics while producing these solutions. In line with the most appropriate method to be determined for the project, 4A Project, which aims to add value to the investments of the customers at every stage requested, aims to increase productivity and profitability by keeping service quality at the top and aim to complete the work at the specified time."

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